Aquacero is an intelligent water meter which is equipped with an ultrasonic flow sensor, a temperature sensor and pressure sensor. It has an inbuilt Actuator and a long lasting battery pack. Aquacero sends data to the cloud via a collector using home wifi or mobile network.



Aquacero installs on the main water line entering the home. The system talks to the Cloud and mobile device using mobile or home wifi networks.



Once installed the system goes into self-calibration mode. It uses SAYA algorithms to create a unique water signature for your home.



The SAYAone Cloud collects all the relevant data from Aquacero and displays information like
1. Water consumption (daily, weekly, monthly etc)
2. Leak detection stats
3. High, medium and low consumption periods and zones ( in homes, apartments or enterprise)

Notification & Action
Remote Management
Auto ShutOff


AQUACERO works in tandem with SAYAone cloud analytics to detect leaks or frozen pipes in a home or enterprise and instantly alert the person in charge via a push notification or SMS. The user will have full control of their home water and can remotely shut off the water to prevent expensive damages. In case of frozen pipes, If the user is away and the system is in off mode, when the system detects that the water temperature has dropped to freezing point it automatically opens the pipe and allows water to flow through the pipes.

(Users that will be away from their homes for long time in winter will be advised to leave a faucet slightly open and shutoff the main pipe to activate this mode of protection)



A system designed to help you identify all types of water leaks and save WATER. Aquacero means “Zero Water” which is exactly what you will waste with our system in place

• Smart water Management and Consumption tracking
• Leak detection and shutoff valve
• Detailed daily, weekly, monthly and yearly consumption reports
• Freeze detection and control to prevent pipe damages
• Pressure sensor to maintain recommended water pressure

Aquacero is the first of its kind in the marketplace. A digital intelligent water management system capable of managing the following features remotely via mobile app and cloud analytics
• Detecting and preventing water leaks
• Detecting and preventing frozen pipes anywhere in your home or office.
• Allowing users to manage water consumption within their homes by measuring and providing smart water flow reports.

Aquacero is a decision based intelligent system which, unlike most other notification based systems, is able to do more than simply notify you about the problem, it will act upon it.




Did you know how residential water rates are calculated?

Half of the U.S. is in drought



Simple Calibration

Intelligently learns usage and patterns

WiFi Controlled

Connects to WiFi network with ease

Cellular Data

Secured connection via cell networks

Anti Freeze Sensor

Save pipes from freezing in winter

Earthquake Shut Off

Automatically shuts off water supply during earthquake


Smart Waterflow Reports

Manage consumption effectively


Smart Leak Detection

Detect and control leaks


Smart Notification

System notifies and act upon it

Away Feature

Shuts off the system completely when away from home


Home Security

Integrates with home security to notify emergencies and shuts water off

SAYA Mobile App

Manage and control Aquacero devices

SAYA Cloud

Connects to SAYA Cloud for enhanced data analytics and commercial applications

Aquacero Ecosystem

Works with all Aquacero Ecosystem products

IP 67/68

All weather commercial grade construction for outdoor & indoor use

SAYA Certified Installers

Available for all residential & commercial installations


I am very happy to be part of the beta program for SAYA. The product is absolutely amazing. I am able to monitor my water consumptions and get notified on potential leaks. Last week I discovered that my toilet was running. I got the notification and promptly fixed it. I endorse it for everyone.



I have one installed at my home in the mountains. I feel safe now with the thought that in case of a leak or frozen pipe in winter I will get notified and can shut off the pipe. Great innovation..



Last time I went on vacation I got back to a damaged home. My water pipe burst and there was water every where … It was a nightmare and it cost me $5000 in deductible and overall cost of repairs was @$40000. I have installed this product as part of their beta program and I cannot be happier. I have control of my home can manage my water from anywhere..


Los Angeles


What Is SAYA Aquacero Sensor?

The SAYA Aquacero sensor is a system of integrated hardware and software components that monitors the flow of water, detects water leaks and frozen pipesand has the capability of shutting the water flow based on configurable events.The system can be easily installed at residential, commercial and industrial locations.

Last updated: Mon, Nov 23 2015 8:47 AM PDT

Where would I install the sensor in my home?

All Weather SAYA Aquacero Sensors are inserted in the main water line ( outside the home or in the garage) before it enters the water heater in the home,It is installed downstream of the water meter, irrigation lines and any automatic fire of sprinkler systems.

Last updated: Mon, Nov 23 2015 9:16 AM PDT

Where would I install "Aquacero" for industrial and commercial locations?

SAYA Aquacero sensors can be inserted inline into any pipe where you want to monitor flow, detect and control water leaks.

Last updated: Mon, Nov 23 2015 9:16 AM PDT

What type of pipe size is supported ?

Current SAYA Aquacero sensor can be installed on pile size 1″ in diameter. Future developments will include 1/2in and 3/4in

Last updated: Mon, Nov 23 2015 9:16 AM PDT

How does SAYA Aquacero Sensor work?

SAYA Aquacero Sensor has a flow sensor and actuator built meticulously into one smart package that senses and controls the flow of water. The system created a signature of the home water usage at different time slices during the day. Any major anomaly during the day will trigger an Alert to the user. The user can investigate and has the option of shutting off the water. The system can be configured to automatically shut off the water if no action is take for a specific alert for a configurable duration of time.
The inbuilt temprature sensor detects frezing temperature and prevents frozen pipes by allowing periodic flow of water.

Last updated: Mon, Nov 23 2015 9:16 AM PDT

How many sensors are required in a typical home?

Only one SAYA Aquacero Sensor is required to monitor and control water leaks in your entire home.

Last updated: Mon, Nov 23 2015 9:16 AM PDT

Who can install the Sensor?

A complete installation of the Aquacero sensor comprises of just two key elements. First, the plumbing must be completed: second, download and install the App from Apple Store or Google Play. We recommend installation by a certified professional.

Commercial and industrial application will require additional configurations

The majority of tools and supplies required to complete SAYA Aquacero sensor installation are items a plumbing /HVAC installer will typically carry in their service vehicle. DIY installer will be able to use the “Installation Guide” that will be posted on our website.

Last updated: Mon, Nov 23 2015 9:16 AM PDT

What kind of maintenance doe SAYA Aquacero Sensor require?

We suggest using the App to turn the water flow in the pipe OFF and back ON once a month to ensure free movement of the valve. We also suggest that an “Alarm Condition” be created occasionally to check the system functionality.Overall once installed, the system will work maintenance free



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