About SAYA

Saya Life Inc was built by innovators looking to harness the power of big data analytics ML/AI on data collected from cutting edge sensors with a goal to solve problems that impact lives. Water is an important resource and water entering a property in a pressurized pipe can cause liability and loss for all the stakeholders in the water economy (Property Owners, Insurance, Utility and fixture manufacturers)

Saya provides water monitoring and leak detection with key market differentials. The accuracy, repeatability and dependability of the device has resulted in certifications which allow multi-unit residences to bill individual water users where there is only one utility-owned water meter servicing the building. In addition, the meter accuracy and cloud-based algorithms which monitor water flow are sufficient to warn users of both small water leaks (e.g., slab leaks) and pipe ruptures and automatically shut off water, preventing water-related building damage.